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It’s Time To
Live Your Possczible

You know better than anyone what people living with schizophrenia can accomplish.

You’ve shown the world time and time again. You’ve experienced firsthand people’s perceptions of what they think living with schizophrenia can look like—and how it can impact someone’s life. But you also know those perceptions don’t come close to realizing what you could truly achieve.

Which is why we’re here to help you Live Your PosSCZible.

Workshopping Your PosSCZible with Christian and Taye Diggs

See Christian and Taye share their journey together.

Christian Diggs was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was a young adult. Her brother—Broadway, television and movie actor and author, Taye Diggs—was by her side as her care partner. Now, Christian and Taye are working together to raise awareness that with the right support, anything is posSCZible.

The Live Your PosSCZible campaign features stories of people working to pursue their personal goals and create the life they want to have, encouraging them to identify and follow their ambitions—in whatever form that looks like to them.

Because we know that, with properly managed schizophrenia symptoms and the right support—anything is posSCZible.

a Community of People
Living Their Possczible

Our campaign will work together with a range of influential and inspiring voices across the schizophrenia community to share real stories of living their posSCZible. Check back regularly for new stories from people living with schizophrenia and care partners.

Community Resources

With peer finders, caregiver support, and school and career tools, these curated resources help you connect to the community and take steps to live your posSCZible.